The connection object represents an access right to a end-user’s software.

  "id_connection": "6cd057cb-39df-44ce-9be8-ab9d167c3940",
  "status": "valid",
  "connection_token": "e6d46c3763dc3e85fb078eae952654bd4f4861b313b7ccae201b91aa37532b71",
  "provider_slug": "hubspot",
  "account_url": null,
  "expiration_timestamp": "2023-12-20T18:44:44.869Z",
  "created_at": "2023-12-10T18:20:06.275Z",
  "id_project": "801f9ede-c698-4e66-a7fc-48d19eebaa4f",
  "id_linked_user": "d7a0af02-0f9b-40a6-86a9-612dcfe341fe"

A connection is created once a user completes the auth granting access flow (through magic-link or inside code).

connection_token is mandatory for each unified API request.

It helps Panora get important data

  • metadata about the software where the data has to be fetched/created (e.g provider & vertical).
  • private encrypted credentials (access_token/refresh_token) to make the requests on behalf of the user.