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Import our pre-built React Component

You can find the component on NPM here


Install the package in your code:

npm i @panora/embedded-card-react

Import the component and the styles in your integrations page:

import "@panora/embedded-card-react/dist/index.css";
import PanoraProviderCard from "@panora/embedded-card-react";

Use the catalog in your integrations page:

    name={"hubspot"} # name of the provider
    vertical={"crm"} # vertical where provider belongs to
    projectId={"c9a1b1f8-466d-442d-a95e-11cdd00baf49"} # the project id tied to your organization
    returnUrl={"https://acme.inc"} # the url you want to redirect users to after the connection flow is successful
    linkedUserId={"b860d6c1-28f9-485c-86cd-fb09e60f10a2"}  # the linked id of the user if already created in Panora system or user's info in your system

You’ll be asked for two informations: an email and an Origin User Identifier. The Origin User Identifier is the id of the user you’re inviting, as represented in your systems.


Click Generate. You can now share the link!

The connection will show as status until the user connects to a platform. We recommend listening to webhooks to get notified once a user connects.

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